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Sneak Peak Design 2016

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Hello Ladies,

I wanted to show you a design from March of 2016.  This maternity dress provides a deep, off-the-shoulder, v-neckline that is floor length and hugs the body.  The material used was jersey stretch.  This allowed for the garment to move with flexibility and provide breathability. 

I wanted to share this with you.  One, to let you know that I am still here working hard on the upcoming designs. And, two, to give you a peak at my work. If you would like me to design something for you, no matter what occasion, I welcome all projects.  Send me an email to and I will respond to your inquiry.  You may also use the contact page on this website to get in touch with me. 

Thank you to all who continue to support my passion. 

Stay confident, stay poised and stay luscious!

Veronyca Solis- Owner, fashion designer


Sew Luscious, Redesigned for You

Ladies, Sew Luscious has heard your requests and we are taking action to bring you what you want to see.  We are dedicating the website to focus on providing top quality garments for plus-size, full-figure women and children.  You have spoken, and Sew Luscious is taking action!  We have removed all items that are not catering to your needs.  We are starting from scratch and we will be bringing you new garments that will bedazzle you.  New garment design and construction is underway and we will be bringing you the latest and greatest garments.  Watch for our new line of ladies lingerie too.  Sew Luscious is going big and bold to make these garments for an industry that won't take anything less than perfection. 

If you have any suggestions on what kind of garments or designs you would like to see displayed at Sew Luscious, please feel free to write us at  We value your opinion and want to hear from you. 

Stay confident, stay poised and stay luscious!


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